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by | Oct 24, 2021 | Talks


IT Director, Bunchful Technologies

As Director of IT and Development for the EnsomCity project at Bunchful Technologies, Jordan designed and built the infrastructure and application architecture with security protocols and features for massive scale, delivering a platform that addresses mental health and isolation issues currently being addressed in the workforce, particularly in the new environment for hybrid and remote workers. The application helps foster an inclusive workplace with opportunities for individuals and teams to share and celebrate each other’s talents in a secure environment.

Jordan has also developed highly technical and complex infrastructure and systems within Finance, Manufacturing Distribution, Legal and SaaS, delivering robust IT infrastructure and security systems, which adhere to compliance standards within North America and Europe.
He has lived and worked in Latin America as a Cybersecurity Advisor for both IT and application development, implementing policies to help strengthen the organization’s security posture and developed counterattack procedures for when high traffic infrastructures are threatened.


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