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Celebrate Social Responsibility & Philantropy With The 2021 Bunchful Awards

by | Jul 7, 2021 | News


Scheduled for November 16 & 17 2021, The Bunchful Awards will be a seminal event to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary giving of individuals and businesses to help those less fortunate members of society survive the pandemic. Go to for more information.


Bunchful will be celebrating the benefit of helping others and hoping to inspire the growth of philanthropy with Be Bunchful Arise, their first annual awards event in November. Don’t miss the great sponsorship opportunities this inaugural event offers you and your business.

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It will be shining a spotlight on giving during the launch of the first Annual Bunchful Awards. Celebrating the power of giving, it wishes to recognize all those who give back via its social responsibility effort, The Bunchful Awards.

Scheduled to be held on November 16 & 17, 2021, The Bunchful Awards will acknowledge giving at all levels, with a focus on nominations around pandemic relief efforts. The event will showcase individual stories and highlight the beneficial impacts of large-scale giving via philanthropy.

A bunchful of thanks is due to the initiative’s early large corporate sponsors that include AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft, IBM, and Comcast NBC Universal, but there are many other opportunities available for corporate sponsorship. While there are four main categories of sponsors with packages varying dependent on the level of sponsorship, you can receive a bespoke package tailored specifically for you.

This year’s inaugural event will be a spectacular production, using an innovative technology platform to honor those whose generous contributions did so much to help relieve suffering during the worldwide pandemic. A packed two-day program will feature talks, seminars, panel discussions, exhibitions, and the prestigious Bunchful Awards.

The event will shine a spotlight on those individuals who are making a difference in their own communities and a number of celebrated figures who have demonstrated their own generosity. The virtual nature of the first awards offers the opportunity to gather together a wide circle of international participants to celebrate giving around the world.

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The theme of the first awards ceremony will be, ‘The People and the Pandemic’, focusing on the contributions made by individuals, businesses, communities, and groups. It will celebrate the considerable assistance they provided in the fight against the disease.

Join major sponsors Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and NBC to help recognize and reward those who give unselfishly to others and, by doing so, create a better society for all.

Founder and CEO, Raquel Miller said: “The Awards will honor the very generous contributions made by so many to help those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and we hope it will inspire the continued growth of philanthropy as a global way of living. We aim to enhance the work of the giving community by highlighting successes large and small, and we intend to demonstrate the potential of giving to transform the lives of individuals and communities toward a better world for all.”

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