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Bunchful seeks to honor organizations and individuals who have given generously throughout this pandemic

by | Oct 28, 2020 | News1

A new initiative was launched at, which seeks to honor organizations that have given generously to causes like COVID-19 relief efforts.


The BEBUNCHFUL platform is a central space dedicated to highlighting philanthropic activities and acts of generosity, where you can see which causes an individual or an organization supports”

— Raquel Miller, Founder of Bunchful

NEW YORK CITY, NY, U.S., July 14, 2020 / — Bunchful today announced phase one of a new initiative, called BEBUNCHFUL, with its first program called, Project Arise, which honors those who have given substantial donations to help those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. If you head over to their website, you will see a list of some of the organizations that have generously donated over one million dollars towards coronavirus relief causes. Organizations like Lily Endowment, Inc. back in April, donated a whopping 48.5 million USD! and IBM pledged 200 million and have already given a significant amount.

“These are extremely difficult times, and without the help of many outstanding corporate entities and charitable organizations, as well as generous individuals, the consequences of this pandemic would have been even tougher for many. Here at Bunchful, we have always advocated for generosity and believe that these outstanding persons and organizations deserve to be recognized for both their hard work and their generosity” says Raquel Miller, Founder of Bunchful, who continued that Bunchful will roll out a series of phases of the BEBUNCHFUL initiative in the coming months, and continue to honor those who have demonstrated great generosity. They will be adding even more features to the platform.

“In times of great crises like these, we rely on people to give what they can to help those who have been the most affected, and there are many kind-hearted, amazing people throughout our society, whose help have been momentous.” Raquel Miller continued, adding: ‘We are very excited to announce our plans for the future, which will continue to highlight demonstrated generosity and philanthropy, giving individuals and organizations the credit they deserve on our platform, as well as through our recognition events.”

Although this current campaign was initiated out of Covid-19, it should be noted that the BEBUNCHFUL initiative itself is greater than just one cause. A spokesperson added: “Throughout our society, many people are rising up to meet the moment and other great causes, like the Black Lives Matter movement and climate change are coming into sharper focus. There are many generous people, who may not have great wealth to donate large amounts, but who stop their lives to go build houses in depressed communities and practice other acts of great generosity. Not only that, there are many small businesses who give back to their community in meaningful ways, and many more examples of demonstrable kindness. These great deeds are all acts of generosity, which should be celebrated and given light, so others may see and follow.”

Bunchful is currently working on phase 2 of this great BEBUNCHFUL initiative. This will allow individuals and organizations the chance to input and manage their own respective philanthropic activities, all on one platform. A Bunchful staff member said: “There are other great causes of our time, which are coming into sharper focus, and that are seeing many donations coming from recognized entities, as well as regular folks, who want to make an impact, and the BEBUNCHFUL initiative will give these organizations and individuals the chance to document all of their charitable activity on one platform. One may imagine the BEBUNCHFUL platform as one central space dedicated to highlighting philanthropic activities and acts of generosity, where you can see which causes an individual or an organization supports, all on their own respective profiles.”

Going forward, Bunchful will hold an annual award ceremony, acknowledging those who have been most active in philanthropy, through financial and other in-kind acts. This award show will recognize the generous actions of many, including organizations and individuals. It will help illustrate the true value of generosity by celebrating how the donations have helped put programs in place that benefit many in our society. Though, not only financial generosity will be celebrated. Great acts of kindness will also be highlighted and exemplary individuals named. Raquel Miller herself addressed these future plans in a recent statement: ‘The good that people do should live after them, and not be interred with their bones, and an award ceremony is a wonderful means of acknowledgment. It is my belief that this event can be a great motivation to others, and we hope the event will grow to become one that everybody would soon want to pencil in on their calendar, continuing to spread the message that generosity and kindness are among the most important attributes for a thriving and stable society and for replenishing our very soul.”

Raquel further added: “COVID-19 has left so many people devastated, so those who have stepped forward to help should be given applause, but all over the world, other great movements and causes are gaining strength, and they, too, should be recognized. These are unprecedented times that we could not have anticipated, and many businesses, families, and other segments of society were given no time to prepare for how they would react in such circumstances. Thanks to the hard work of many people and organizations that have given so generously, the effects of COVID-19 have been made much softer for many people and businesses, and this is precisely what the initiative will recognize and honor”.

The first live annual event will take place in the Fall of 2021 and will be called, BEBUNCHFUL Project Arise. If viable threats of the pandemic are still prevalent, a virtual event will take its place. It will celebrate the generous acts toward the great causes of the prior year, honoring those who made impactful donations, as well as those who performed other acts of exemplary kindness. Raquel Miller alluded that a notable committee of national and international persons is being formed to help set the standards for those who will be nominated and awarded. The top acts of generosity by both individuals and organizations will be highly celebrated and presented with the BEBUNCHFUL Seal of Generosity.

Bunchful typically does not handle donations, which are made by the respective organizations and individuals to the causes they support. Bunchful simply reports on these activities through its BEBUNCHFUL platform and initiative.

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