Bunchful Awards Names International Rescue Committee As Charitable Beneficiary

by | Aug 12, 2021 | News2

An event designed to celebrate and promote charitable giving and philanthropy as a way of life has announced that it has selected the International Rescue Committee (IRC) as its charitable beneficiary.


The Bunchful Awards event is designed to celebrate and promote charitable giving and philanthropy as a way of life.

BE BUNCHFUL, the social responsibility arm of Bunchful Technologies, a social enterprise that is all about giving, has announced the selection of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) as its charitable beneficiary partner for its Bunchful Awards event, which will take place on November 16th and 17th, 2021.

Go to https://bebunchful.com/irc for more information.

The announcement will be of interest to you if you are a corporate socially responsible professional who wants to align your organization’s corporate and individual support to the IRC.

The IRC’s mission is to help people whose lives and livelihoods have been shattered by conflict and disaster. The charity works globally in over 40 countries with displaced people and other vulnerable people whose communities lack the support they need to recover from crisis. and strives to respond to any situation within 72 hours.

The IRC emphasizes supporting women and children through economic well-being, education, empowerment, health provision, and safety. Full details of the IRC’s work in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas is available at https://www.rescue.org

The Bunchful Awards will be hosted virtually and feature keynote speeches and panel discussions built around the theme of “The People and the Pandemic.” The event will celebrate the generous and personal contributions made by individuals, businesses, communities, and groups in their fight against the disease.

The event is currently considering nominations for individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses for nine different awards, which are carefully aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG’s), and built around themes including inclusivity, innovation, wisdom, and sustenance, with two two of the awards, ‘The Rising Star’ award and the Zayeed Hakim Award for Generosity (ZHAG) award, derived personally from Bunchful’s ethos.

Event sponsors currently include Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and NBC. Interested parties are also invited to support the IRC via the events GoFundMe page at https://www.gofundme.com/f/be-bunchful-for-irc

A spokesperson for The Bunchful Awards said, “This year’s Bunchful Awards are designed to honor the incredibly generous contributions made by so many individuals, groups, and organizations to help those most affected by the pandemic. In addition, we hope it will inspire the continued growth of philanthropy as a way of life. We aim to enhance the work of the giving community by highlighting its successes, both large and small, and show the potential of giving to transform the lives of individuals and communities all over the world.”

The Bunchful Awards is working with the International Rescue Committee to help people survive, recover and regain control of their lives after conflict or disaster.

Are you ready to learn more about The Bunchful Awards and its partnership with the International Rescue Committee? Go to https://bebunchful.com if you want to find out more, to nominate a hero in your life or learn about sponsorship opportunities.

You may also contact The Bunchful Awards at sponsorships@bunchful.com.